In the last 8 days i have managed to work for just one day – boring.  I want to be taking stuff apart and putting it back together again.

Today, my highlights will be dropping the bow lines, dropping the anchor, raising the anchor and re-making the bow lines.  whoop de doo !!

The most exciting news this week – i had my first email subscription to The November Archives.  Hurrah for Verity! I have to admit that i really didn’t expect her to still be reading my nonsense.  Best thing about it is, as soon as I publish this, she will be getting an email to tell her that there is something new and exciting to read.  How disappointed she will be !

I wonder if i can get Mr. Brown to subscribe too?  And I would have expected my wonderful girlfriend to support my cause too – come along Lana, get your free subscription here.  its time tp push the subscriptions i think.  Instead of counting hits, lets count subscriptions instead.

All those lovely chums on facebook are about to get a prod.

Verity McCoy – I salute you !!

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