Le Chef

Nice – i like it – of all the things he could cook, he did listen to my request for cheesy beans and chips – he even threw in a sausage roll too.  I don’t care about the few extra tonnes i have gained since being on board, I am safe in the knowledge that it will soon disappear when i am finished here and of course that my girlfriend finds me hot no matter what (she might not agree to that statement without an upper weight limit!)

Now, imagine your professional pride.  You have spent years creating wonderful dishes for some of the worlds richest people, when a grease monkey like me asks for cheesy beans and chips.  I salute you Chef Curtis!!

Being on Anchor watch at night is good, it gives me uninterrupted time on the net without the distractions that the day brings.  An added bonus, by the time my watch finishes at 6am, you poor sods in the UK and EU are already hard at work. ha !

Half way through the boss’s trip and we still don’t know where we are going form here, USA or Europe.  I want to go home but it is just not my choice.  There is only one man that can decide that.  We wait to find out.

My globe trotting part finally arrived too – should be in my clammy and excited hands this afternoon so that i can finally get the water maker back together and running again.

Apart from that, not much doing – its my quiet time.  Pre-ordered the new Foo’s album today, have a few weeks to wait until it is released – looking forward to that.




Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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