Mac versus PC – round 2

Ok, its fair to say that i have found myself trying a two fingered scroll on the pc – i am just digging the mouse pad functions on the mac.  I am still running the pc in the engine room, keeping my work histories, notes, photos, internet etc so infact the pc still gets more use than the mac.

I did find myself muttering today ‘the mac wouldn’t have done that’ as my pdf document hung and the pc told me the programme had ‘stopped responding’. ok it did restart itself and solved the problem but i wonder if the mac will ever do that.

I am still waiting for the software that will allow me to read windows word, excel, powerpoint etc.  The guy in the shop did offer me the microsoft for mac software but i really want to keep this mac clear of microsoft shit.

The thing that still hangs in the balance is the cost.  Today, while in the engine room i needed some space to work, i closed the lid on the pc and put the cordless drill box straight down on top of the laptop without a thought in the world.  So the mac is too expensive to use in a hostile environment i would be too worried about scratching or chipping the paint.  No problem, just keep the mac for home use – but then that means having both mac and pc – which again brings up the cost issue.

The debate will continue for some time i guess

8 days until the Bos arrives

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