Where is Lexa?

My first post with the Mac – so let me answer a few questions and then maybe in a month i can revisit them.

Was it worth the extra cost?  at the moment, i would have to say no.

yes, it is very well made, i dig the idea of making it out of one billet of aluminium – very environmentally friendly, i like the back lit keyboard, i really like the mouse pad and all of its one finger, two finger, three finger and even four finger functions (that was almost like talking about ex-girlfriends).

I am impressed with the speed that it shuts down at.  the navigation is not so bad, i am easily finding most things – others i am having to look for, just like with microsoft.

Of course the big win is that apple make the software and the hardware unlike microsoft – so if it doesn’t work, there is only apple to blame.

It is just so damn expensive – which makes me think back to what i have always thought – they are really for fashion victims! I reckon at least 75% of Mac users do not know how to use the function that macs bring – sure, exactly the same can be said about windows but remember, a pc running window will cost half or maybe a third of the price.

It hasn’t done anything i didn’t ask it to, unlike that packard bell – of course, packard will blame the software, microsoft will blame the hardware – i like the idea of one company responsible for all.

It is very nice – i just expected outstanding for 2200 dollars

So – lets pose this question again in the new year and see if my views have changed.

Anyway, enough of that old bollocks – Lexa, where are you?  I have heard nothing in so long.  I realise there are many time zones between us at the moment but that is just no excuse. Get your lazy fat south african arse over to the keyboard and send me a message.

13 days until the Bos arrives

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