Strange how things move on.  Years ago, it would have been a car or bike engine i would have had apart on my kitchen table.  Modern times of course, it has to be my laptop.  Even though i have a new one on the way, i decided to rip this one apart and see if i could get to the bottom of that faulty right click option.

The good news is – i did, so i can now begin posting those old retro emails before the arrival of the mac.

I have decided that when it arrives, i will open it and put it on charge and then leave it until our next charter on 26th December before i start playing with it.  Everyone else will be busy and i wont, so it will be a good time for some self tuition.

Drop by again soon for the first edition of ‘Retro’

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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