Return of the Mac!

I finally did it – please don’t call me fashionable, or not even fashionably late, but today in Philipsburg, i found a guy that can sell me a mac with a spanish keyboard. It was a little over 2 grand (USD – so not too bad) and it would have been here tomorrow if only tomorrow wasn’t thanksgiving.

For many of you, this will mean nothing, for me, it means i can begin posting my historical stuff that i talked about the other day. This wonderful Packard Bell has lost the ability to right click so cut and paste has been hard. Yes, i know there is a hotkey combo for both of these functions, i know it well on an english keyboard but this one too is spanish !

I will inevitably have it apart and see if i can fix it, i did manage to fix the disc drive when that went tits up so i may be lucky. Then, the poor old thing will be retired to surfing porn sites while i keep the mac for serious stuff.

I heard a seriously good quote the other day – i am just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it

‘You couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo’

priceless – countdown to mac time

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