Tired & Bored

I am completely shattered and a little confused.
The boss left us early on wednesday morning and we are currently sitting on the dock again in Genoa.  We should be away by tuesday, heading for a small destination nearer to Rome.  The boss is due on by the weekend, and off again before the beginning of next week.  As soon as he leaves, we will begin our epic journey.
The first leg is just a 2 day sprint back to palma where we will change some stuff off the boat and bring some other stuff on.  I have a couple of repairs that have to be done in palma while we are there and then we will be off again, stopping at gibraltar to refuel and then the big heave north.
One more time, sailing past the Cape in portugal that i still manage to call home, up the west coast of portugal, clip the top of spain and then across Biscay to France, maybe passing by Jersey on the way up.  Then we have a few decisions – west coast of Ireland or up the middle of england and ireland, then round scotland and across to Norway for the summer cruise.
The crew have deserted the boat for today, the captain is driving his motorbike back to scotland from palma, the mate is in london with his girlie, the stewie is in monaco with her chum, the chef and deckie jumped on a train earlier today to discover some more of italy.
I stayed with the boat in order to look at some of the more confusing issues i still have outstanding.  One thing is confusing me immensely and if anyone out there has experience with PABX telephone exchanges, please get in touch.  Can a handset operate on just 2 signal wires ?  I would say no, it would also need 2 power inputs (4 wires in total) but i cant find any more inputs.  I have checked the exchange itself and the CAT5 cable is adapted to the 2 signal wires before heading off to the phone unit itself.  One more ultimately confusing thing – i can see no switch or sensor to show when the handset has been lifted – how does the unit know when the receiver is up or down ?  Someone help please.!
Also the AIS is only showing targets that are considered a threat in the immediate area – why ?
Sounding nerdy yet?  my life is turning that way, nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd!
i need a woman!!!!  applications from lisa melvin will be given priority

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