November in the November archives

I am now very curious.  I have been looking at the stats again for my page and the most frequent visitor arrives here by putting ´november´into a search engine.  Please, leave a message next time you stop by.
My curiosity overwhelms me. I wonder how many pages of ‘hits’ you have to endure until you end up at my humble little offering?  Stop by and tell me.
Bank holiday weekend !  i guess many of you have been out on the piss or out for a meal.  Me, i am sitting on deck in a very pretty italian natural harbour called Portofino.
The boss is on board for a few days and he seems more than happy to just chill out on the boat and do nothing.  This clearly suits me very well as it severely limits the amount of work i can do as most of my work can be very intrusive.  Its time for me to relax too but dont feel bad for me, it is not unusual for me to work until midnight for many nights prior to the boss’s arrival.
So here i sit, laptop, cup of tea and the smell of dinner wafting out of the galley.
I was thinking of the very gorgeous Gary Lineke just yesterday, so i dropped her a quick line to say hello.  Also on my mind over the last few days is that glorious honey pot of a creature that they call Lisa Melvin.  Not to mention Jr. Gurnsey who sprung into my thoughts due to her impending wedding at the end of the year.
Lets talk about portugal for a moment though.  My lucky tip off with the local council engineer appears to have come to nothing.  I have sent him a few choice words over the weekend, in my best portuguese of course, i should expect a response some time this week.
But should i worry ?  No, not at the moment.  Next time i am home, i will look for a new engineer and start again.
We will be leaving portofino again on wednesday morning heading back to genoa where we will wait for a week or so before sailing for the island of Capri.  Am i a name dropper or what ?
oh well – dinner time

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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