The love bus – last legs

it is with infinite sadness that i have to finally admit my trusty old peugeot is now on its last legs.
I was trying to fix it today, the blower won’t work, not good on misty or rainy mornings.  After dismantling the whole dash board i finally realised that it is slowly becoming a lost cause.  the drivers door closes properly only when it wants to, which is a real pain in the arse when you have to drive on the motorway in the rain!
I will probably get it back to portugal early next year and officially retire it to a surf mobile, used only for dusty tracks and surf trips.  It will finish its years in the glorious sunshine, never to be washed again.
On a lighter note, as the economy continues to grind to a halt, i rejoice in the fact that my money will go further when i want to rebuild my `pad.  maybe when i get home later next week , i will find an architect and start drawing up plans for the new place.
It’s all very exciting i must admit – a custom built place, to my own specifications, with work surfaces and cupboards at a height that suits me and no-one else.
work has been full on – even been working all weekend but i like to try and stay ahead so will keep plugging away with it.
will be in mallorca for xmas and new year , with a few days at home in portugal in between.  my flight cost 400€ return – which at the moment is easy to convert to johnny english as it is as good as 1:1
so i continue – one eye on ebay for a new motor

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