Dive Dive Dive – but watch out for fish poo!!!

Fish poo too – remember that next time you are in the ocean.  Today i watched and probably intimidated a little fella while he was squeezing one out.  Only thing was, he was having big problems pinching it off.  The result – the longest cling on i have ever seen.
Of course, all of us as kids have watched fish in tanks having a poo but i have never seen one hang on for so long, infact when i left, he was still straining at the gills to clench up and cut it off – the longest fish poo in modern history.
Even the cuttle fish i saw next said he was impressed with it!!
I am now completely shattered after an afternoon of rescue dive training.  Bloody hard work pulling concious and semi concious people out of the water, i fear an early night coming on again.
Tomorrow, i will have a surf and finish installing the new handwash station at the Warung – Sagres.  The day and the weekend are mine.

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