Dive Dive Dive!!!!

Ok, so it’s not the caribbean but a dive is still a dive.  The water may be colder, a lot colder, the underwater life not quite so colourful but the cave dive was good and scary, later this week i will dive on my first ship wreck.  Two to choose from , one at 32 metres, the other at just 12 metres.
I decided to turn down an offer of work in Mallorca this week, immediate return was required and i decided against it, i havent even had one week holiday yet, really not interested in getting back to the grind stone so early.  It was for a month but would have easily turned into two, i am sure.
My guests, Rick and Emma have left and headed north for a few days.  I am sure they will return soon before heading to Tarifa for some kite surfing.
The local water board came to the house yesterday to change my meter.  The man told me that the meter reading hadn’t moved in 5 months so they thought it was broken. I explained that no-one had been in the house for months and we ran the tap and watched the meter spin.  He went away a happy man.  I did get to thinking that the amount of holiday or second homes that people have here, it must be the norm for meters not to move for months at a time.
As for the hot honey front, Dierdrie has gone to england until the 16th.  There is not much around at the moment but i am sure that it will soon fill with trendy lisbonites n, with their strange demands for service and ‘different’ orders.  Did i ever mention the girl that came into the bar and asked for an ‘Ice tea natural’?  So, she asked for an ice tea at room temperature rather than cold and with ice – kinda defeats the object in my book but they love to try and be different – a bit like putting ice cubes in your coffee because its too hot – it’s meant to be hot dumb ass !!
I feel sorry for the local workers at this time of year – they get real busy and busy with obscure demands from tourists trying to look smart infront of their friends……….it’s not big and it’s not clever.
Tomorrow , i will peg an early morning surf before heading back to the hardware store to pick up some spares for Sven and Kati in the warung.  Seems good skills are always in demand – and i get paid in food and beer – i like deals like that !!!  Then in the afternoon, back to teh dive school for my second day of training to be a rescue diver – it sounds more glamorous than it is
Enough for now, i still havent finished unpacking yet !!!!!!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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