it rains here too

normally over night and not for long but we just had a mid afternoon downpour.
Just back from day one of my PADI course.  It started off a little slow and boring but then just before lunch we took our first dive.  I use the phrase ´dive´loosely because we were in water that we could stand up in.
I guess it is important to learn all your survival stuff in shallow water though.  how to swap your mouth piece, what it feels like when your instructor shuts off your air, loosing your goggles, helping your buddy get to the surface if there is a problem.
fact is, i really enjoyed it, and learned from it too.  scary really when you consider i have been using scuba gear without instruction and blissfully unaware of the dangers.
I have some studying to do tonight and then tomorrow i have two open water dives followed on monday by a final dive and test, after than, it´s on my cv.
It looks like i have one month left here in the caribbean before heading back to europe, and spain.  a couple of months in palma then off to the greek islands again before finishing at the end of june somewhere in greece.  after that, it´s home to portugal for the ret of the year to try out my new longboard.
Yep , Davey the cornishman has the blank on his tressle as you read.  Funny thing is, the board is so big, there are no off the shelf board bags available so i am having a custom bag too, how damn cool.  not only is it my second custom build from ´Groovey´in st agnes but will have a custom bag too.  the board paint will be exactly as i want it and underneath glassed into the board will be my name, so no-one can steal it.
If all goes to plan, i will have the second half of the year all to myself.  I hope to get a new roof on the house and also study and complete an MCA Y4 that will take me on to bigger and better things, more money per month and less months of work per year, generally all equals more surf and beach time, which lets face it, is what life should be about.  Of course, you never know, less time at work also equates to more time to bump into that illusive dream woman.
anyway, enough for now, i have more studying to do before tomorrows dive so i have to go.
keep warm my european chums (unless Ms Lexa Timothy is reading , all the way from south africa)

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