Palma de Mallorca

OK, inspired to write at last!
yesterday, the local government here in mallorca declared the island a disaster zone after the storms of last week. in true mallorcan style, it only took them just over a week to do this, you have to admire their speed!
Although, i do admire them for finally cleaning the dog shit off the streets. during the last six months, the penalty for allowing your dog to foul has doubled. now , everywhere i look, i see people with plastic bags cleaning up their pet poop. a good result!
Now, that leaves another problem that i hope they will tackle next. DRUGS! Yesterday while driving out of esporles with mason, i had my window open and got a wiff of what can only have been some serious skunk weed. As we were following a slow moving local, i guessed it had come from his car. when we over took them, just as i thought, passing a huge bunger between them. Tell me, how strong must that have been for me to smell it from the car behind ?
But it gets better. last night, i watched england play. By the 65th minute, my four pints of guiness wanted out so i shuffled off to the toilet. The urinal has been out of order for some time so i put my finger into the hole in the door where the handle used to be and opened it. Strangely enough, the lock was broken too and what did i find inside? two men trying to cram a whole bucket of coke up their nose. Think about it for a moment. their habit takes them to an area i would normally go for shitting and pissing yet their past time sees them happily frequenting these places. even worse, two men in a toilet cubicle! there once was a time when this was the reserve for closet homosexuals. what really gets me though is their lack of imagination for something to do of an evening. All they seem to be able to muster up is ´lets get wankered´.
I spoke to a friend on saturday morning. he told me he spent 200 euros on friday night. i asked him how this could be possible in one night……………….DRUGS!
What a fucking waste.
It´s hard to imagine how so many drugs can get onto an island but then it was only a couple of years ago that the police chief was convicted of being on the drug dealers payrol so maybe thats why the authorities seem lacking in their abilities and willingness to do anything. as long as i can sit outside a pub and watch a gypsy selling coke from her childs pushchair while the child is in it – i cannot see an end to it.
Good to watch England last night though, always new they would beat the french, and my prediction for tonights match is a win for argentina, leaving them in the final with england, which of course england will win.
My voice is a little hoarse after all of the shouting but i am sure it will make a full recovery before next saturday.
authors footnote – learn to love these footnotes, they are always pearls of wisdom and today is no different…………there are three stages of life. childhood, adulthood and old age. childhood is when you look at the old age group and are scared of what they might do. adulthood is when you look at the old aged and think ´it´s my turn next, i am getting old´. Old age is when you look at the childhood group and are scared of what they might do! Enjoy your adulthood, its the only time you wont be preoccupied with what other people might do.

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