been a while

but i guess that is because i have been uninspired, and i am sad to say that i still am so don´t expect an epic this evening.
we had the most amazing storm come through on thursday night. i have attached a picture to the bottom of this blog. rarely i find , do pictures actually do things justice. Wht i mean is, we have all taken photos of something , then looked back on the photo and wondered why the picture doesnt really capture the subject in the intensity that we saw it in, you know what i mean. well. we left the boat on thursday evening, looking kinda southwest at some seriously black clouds.
the whole of palma was heading home before the storm came in, it was going to be a seriously heavy downpour.
what they didnt expect was a 15 minute hurricaine that left a ton of damage in its wake. the two boats next to us broke their bow lines and ended up with their arse ends on the dock, other boats broke free from their moorings and even one of the big ferries broke its lines.
the result was carnage. trees felled, roofs whipped off of buildings, fences down, windows smashed, cars wrecked and flash floods from all of the rain, not to mention the raw sewage on the streets.
so doouble click on the picture below and take a look at the storm clouds, it will leave you in awe, i promise

2 responses to “been a while

  • lexa

    Hey wayne, weather has been pretty wierd of late.  we had snow last night, granted, just on the mountain top, not a very high mountain, but it\’s october for heavens sake, also, the nsri spotted a 25m long Iceberg, 70 k\’s east of St Francis Bay, just down the coast, the first time ever, an iceberg has been spotted this close to the SA coast.  huge storms all over the country….   What\’s happening Mr God?   take care & be cool

  • Russell

    Thats is amazing! pity you didn\’t have your board handy!

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