better than a slap in the face with a tramp’s sock

Its time to move on.
tomorrow morning i will make the pilgrimage back to mallorca. 6 weeks with St jean have left me a little weary so today the captain and i agreed to part company, naturally on good terms, we just dont get on.
so tomorrow night, i will be blowing the top off a few with mallorca’s biggest cock, Mr Mason Jones Esq! hiding safely away from foreigners in the tavarua.
I hope to pick up some serious work too, there is even talk of two jobs, one, deliviering a 60 footer to ireland, the other, a classic sail boat based in Mallorca so tune in over the weekend for more news
authors foot note. i would like to thank both paul and blem for their avid readership and also for adding as requested, a comment to the visitors book ‘ where is max?’ Max’s whereabouts are still unknown so please, if you havent aready done so, and you are reading this, add the comment to the visitors book without delay – or the puppy gets it !  Oh yes, one more thing – WHERE IS MAX?

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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