italian women

they really got it going on !!!!
maybe i wil stay on for a while?
so let me fill you in.
we finally arrived on friday evening after the captain decided that we should push on regardless of the little waves we would encounter. we had maybe a four metre swell and i thoroughly enjoyed it. for the first time since nariida, i had to hold on to stuff while i was on deck.
we got dolphins again too. i am completely intruiged by these swimmers. i think they are as curious about us as we are them. they swim along side, rolling in the water showing their white bellies and then swim wider and start jumping out of the water, presumably to get a look at us. They seem to be playing with us, to see how fast we can go but of course they can swim much faster. I have noticed though that they much prefer the sunny side of the boat!
Anyway, tomorrow we haul out of the water and move to a hotel. Something tells me that we will not achieve our three week deadline and work will run on but it wont be because i havent finished my work list.
today we had a buyer look around the boat and afterwards we sailed in the bay so that the broker could take some more shots of the boat. the first time i have seen the boat with any sails at full mast but today we had the main, mizzen and genoa at full furl. wind wasnt up to much though so no extreme angles of lean.
tonight i hope to sleep like a dog and then work hard for the next couple of weeks.
so nothing too exciting to add today, just that i am alive and well and busy checking out some fine italian ass!! latinas everywhere, and tall ones too

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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