choose life

i am blessed, thats for sure. no, i am not talking about the size of my manhood, although that is a blessing too. i am talking about my life and the way it keeps constantly evolving.
think about it for a moment.
three weeks ago i was just leaving palma. in the last three weeks, i have seen more of the greek islands than i ever imagined i would. infact, i have seen more greek islands than i ever imagined there were. I am now nestled in athens for a couple of days.
I have a chef that feeds me two gourmet meals a day, a stewie that washes and irons my clothes, a boss that pays me to be on the boat and in two days time, i am leaving for Genoa in Italy. When i get there, i will have a hotel all paid for while i fix the boat.  when i have fixed the boat, i will then sail on to many italian islands including corsica, sardinia and capri to name but a few,  before heading to the south of france for a few stops and finally ending the season back in italy , in san remo. if i stay on, we will then head to monaco for the boat show. AFter which time, my flights will be paid for me to go home, from wherever we finish to whichever destination i choose to call home.
On top of that, on my travels, i am constantly bumping in to new and interesting people from all around the world. In rhodes, i met the friendliest shopkeeper you would ever imagine and i have just left a BBQ that other crew members from other boats here in the harbour were having. They were all from the philipines and all, unbelievably friendly, happy to laugh and joke with me while they pour whiskey and coke faster than i can drink it.
if you believe all that you see on tv, you might think that the world is a bad place, well, i just dont dig that point of view. the world is just one big adventure waiting for you to get your shoes on and go out there looking for it.
choose life!!!

2 responses to “choose life

  • Lineke

    ha ha you nerd, yes you have worked hard to achieve where you are now and many people would be jealous of your way of life. Glad you\’re enjoying the true essence of it. Enjoy the sailing it may be as good for the soul as surfing is!

  • gemma

    thats s cool and so true im on my way to find it too x

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