Athens , all in one piece!

Made it an hour ago, all is well.
It has been a pretty sweet week or so, we have cruised the aegean and stopped off at plenty of small islands. the sort of islands that do not have cars on them or airports. the only way in and out is by boat, ferry, hydrofoil or the manic little water taxis that fly from island to island all day and all night long. The local taxis on the island are a donkey and cart – i kid you not !
the seas are always the deepest blue and crystal clear. I havent seen dolphins for a few days now but on the way into port we did cross paths with a huge moon fish, normally they would be white, but this one was black. a monster to say the least as it effortlessly crossed our bow with its top fin out of the water. if you didnt know better, you would say it was a shark!
Today, four of our guests have left us, leaving us with just the owner and his girlfriend. A lady from south america gave me a 100$ tip and a canadian dude gave me a 100 euro tip, i never expected that!
We have decided not to pull the boat out of the water here in athens, but instead, we are leaving for Genoa in Italy on sunday. That will take us around 5 days of non stop sailing and i doubt i will have internet connection again before next weekend. Of course, when i arrive there will be yet another contact number for me, one for italy, where i will be for the next three months. I always wanted to go to italy so maybe , maybe i may stay on! you never know, a hot fiery red headed latina babe could keep me away from the life i am enjoying – but then again, i doubt it very much, somebody please slap me for being such a twat !!!!!!
we are hoping to find a couple of extra crew for the trip, to run with just four people for five days solid is going to be very hard on us. I doubt they will find anyone though, the money on offer is not brilliant and i figure anyone that is any good will already have work for the summer.
so i have a day of rest maybe tomorrow,we are hooke dup to shore power now, so no generators to keep an eye on, i can take it relatively easy. If the boss leaves us today or tomorrow, we can have a lie in on sunday before leaving for italy.
I am looking forward to getting home to portugal and surfing with my old buddies, if they are still there. i havent been home now since new year and could stay with this boat if i wanted until the end of september. I am still waiting to hear from nariida about a role with them. if that happens, i will be in Mallorca or maybe the azores before november!
I have had a busy three weeks since leaving mallorca, i am tired and need to sleep and also missing being at home! it will all coem in good time i know, but i miss portugal all the same.
Authors footnote. i love these little things, nobody ever reads them, except, max, verity and the doctor! i can have a bit of a jab at whatever i like here and mostly it goes unnoticed. so before i sign off today, i would like to say, the women in greece are all fat and hairy! portuguese and mallorcan chicks rock – stick around for my take on italian women in about a weeks time – until then – fuck off !!

2 responses to “Athens , all in one piece!

  • Verity

    I just had a look at your photos…. the pic with the cooker is quite funny and genius at the same time! xxxx (Looking forward to what you have to say about italian women…. when are you giving your opinian on us english girls?) xxxx

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