never take the first option!!!

but this time i did. i have agreed to go to sea until august with S/Y St Jean. I spoke with the skipper this morning and turned his offer down as i wanted to stay available for Nariida and work around their season.
After a brief discussion, he asked if i could sail with him just while his owner is on board, from two weeks time until the first week in august. I made a call to Nariida and this seemed to fit with their schedule so i accepted his offer but not before i had squeezed a little more money out of the deal.
Once his owner leaves, i will be free to return to Nariida or stay on, the decision will be mine. Either way, i will be seeing some of the meds best spots this season.
So i have two weeks left here, for which i will be working very hard on the other yacht – Alexia. Last chance of shore based work this season i guess and maybe september will see me return home to portugal for a month or two.
Today being good friday, i decided to take a little time off and continue to try killing those pesky north koreans on my xbox. i am at a stage that is driving me absolutely nuts. i keep trying different tactics but always with the same result – the little men keep winning. When i leave here, i will be trying again.
I also decided to call things of with my recent squeeze, Andi. seems i did the right thing now that i have accepted a job offer that will take me away for a few months.
My washing machine is broken too – really need to try and fix it before i leave, i really wouldnt want to have my flat mates return to a broken machine, thats just not cricket!
so off i go, in hunt of those litte green men.
be good until i return

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