every day – a new dilema

i may need a little guidance on this one.
i returned from france on tuesday after helping with the delivery of nariida. today, i have a couple of interesting offers.
1. a captain came to see me in the yard to talk about a job with him leaving in two weeks. he has a 41 metre jongert currently based in rhodes. his season consists of rhodes, Kos, Santarino, Athens, Corfu, Sicilly, Naples, Sardinia, Corsica, Tuscany and to finish mid august somewhere in the med. He has offered me 4000$us per month plus all expenses and flights of course with a contract that renews in november along with a guaranteed 5% pay rise. He wants an answer from me by friday lunchtime when he leaves for rhodes again
2. a boat called alexia, another wally, has asked me to start on monday for one month. i of course accepted as they were offering more money than i am used to.
3. then of course there is my old favourite nariida. i spoke with craig today and told him of the offer for rhodes. He suggested that they will do a trans-atlantic race in november to the carribean for which the owner is happy for a second engineer ( thats me) to be aboard. I would need to have more sea experience so i would also need to go on nariida again for the delivery to norway for the summer, a three week trip. Also there will be refit work again from january tiume when nariida returns to pàlma and also the race preparation before the caribbean trip and you know what – this is the one i want to hang out for although the Jongert would be a massive responsibility and a great 1st step into yachting and also jongert is my favourite boat maker – just happens to be dutch too – i think the doctor still has a curse on me!
so please – send some divine intervention and help me make a solid decision

One response to “every day – a new dilema

  • lexa

    i think you made your decision a while ago, the rest are just there to give you something to write about.      good luck bud!!!!

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