working at extreme angles!

todays sea trial went according to plan. a couple of minor problems, that were resolved at an angle of 45 degrees as we were in full sail at the time. so the scene is set.
at 12.01 this evening, we will leave palma heading towards corsica before making a final turn towards st tropez. we have a 20 knot wind behind us all the way so it should make for an excellent adventure.
it was a strange feeling sitting on the windward side of the boat today. I wouldnt have believed it would heel so far over but we were full on, the safety rail on the leaward side was in the water and i was looking down on it from around 3 or 4 metres up. The hull windows that i glued in last year were about a metre underwater but glad to say – NO LEAKS!!!
so tonight, my next adventure begins
stay tuned for photos and stories next week

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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