St Tropez

OK so finally, it looks like we are leaving. The weather has been really shite recently, twice now we have postponed the sea trials due to strong winds, last week we even had snow – snow in mallorca in march for christs sake !
so sea trials are now scheduled for friday morning. If all goes well, at exactly 1 minute past midnight on friday evening, we will litterally set sail and head for the south of france, just a short hop across the med, arriving around lunchtime on sunday.
I am told that it is extremely bad luck to leave port on a friday! so we wait until the big hand passes 12, and then race out into the med, trying to arrive at our destination before the storms kick up again. it will be a race against the clock as the seas will still be heavy from the recent wind but if we dont make a run for it, we could be stuck here for another few weeks, leaving a very unhappy owner waiting in St Tropez.
Once the carnage is over, i will fly out of Nice on monday and head to  Inglaterra for a one nighter and then out again early on tuesday morning. I have also managed to blag the very gorgeous lisa melvin into buying me dinner on monday evening. no doubt she will take me to some big time swanky place to make me look completely out of place – Melv, Lets go to pizza hut instead – i like a good stuffed crust.
Anyway – the camera will be charged and my trigger finger is itchy so look out for some new photos next week -ñ including the long awaited palma poo shots
remember – you saw it here first!
authors footnote – to my dedicated readers that actually read this section – hurrah for Max, Verity and Lexa!!!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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