first time for this year!

ok, its been a while but i have been away for a week or so, please dont hold it against me.
let me fill you in.
December 23rd, i left mallorca for a brief stay in england. it looked for a moment that the fog might have kept me away but no such luck. i landed more or less on time and headed straight into the dizzy heights of rugby town centre to meet with some old chums. Biggest surprise of the evening was to see the parents in the pub too – i never expected that!
Next day i met up with jake and one of his chums in the town and we wandered aimlessly for a few hours, checking out the chicks and drinking coffee. before heading off again to meet with some more friends.
when the holiest of all days arrived, i had a wander around some old friends houses before dinner and then finally sat down for a typical xmas dinner. Most importantly, there were brussell sprouts too, i cant remember the last time i ate them, they are seriously groovy and they still make me fart too
Boxing day arrived and at 4.30am i was already at the airport waiting for my flight to portugal. The fog was clear and it was looking good for a break in the sun, meeting up with the doctor ( whose name i still can´t pronounce properly) and some other chums and finding a few good surf spots.
I also inherited a car when i arrived in portugal. I am now the proud owner of a 1992 Seat Ibiza 950cc. a superb surf bus for the tracks and fields, cheap to run hopefully too. I replaced the head gasket, the thermostat and rupert will finish it off with a new piece of fuel line. Then i took it for an MOT andf it failed on just one small thing so it is turning out to be something of a score. to date it owes me less than 100 euros which cant be bad.
The weather was so good that we bbq’ed almost every day and i did take some photos just to piss you all off. I also managed to get into a bit of a fight on new years eve but i dont remember much about that either but made lineke take a photo of the aftermath! all photos will be added by the weekend so keep taking a look.
Spending so much time in aeroplanes recently, i thought i shoud write you all a list of recommendations of who to use, so i added a new table to my page. curiously though now, i see that easyjet offer ‘priority boarding’ for a small fee, and in the even smaller small print they suggest that ‘ they cannot gaurrantee that you will be first on the plane but you will be first on the bus. Me, i just dont see the problem. why do you want to be the first in the queue so that you can be first at the next queue and then first onto the plane so that you then have to wait for everyone else to get on the plane. i like to wait until eveyone else has got on , then i can walk straight to my seat…….perfect.
then of course, at the other end, people rush to get their seat belts off and grab their hand luggage so that they can be first in line to wait for the doors to be opened after the stairs arrive, then they can be first in the baggage hall and wait for 20 minutes until the carousell delivers their bags. but if you think that is mad, check out this story about a welsh taxi driver that was caught at 420mph by a speed camera
Anyway. as you might have guessed, i am firmly planted back in mallorca for a few more months, i say firmly planted due to the force that the aeroplane hit the runway this afternoon. I can safely say, airberlin planes are very strong, we hit so hard, there was absolutely no chance of bouncing.
Think back a while, remember when i asked for pictures of friends for my site, well now i am asking for a picture of you xmas or new year that can again be added to my page. Just resize it and pop it on an email to me, you know how to do that now dont you ?
and if you have a few minutes spare, put your headphones on and click the link below. 

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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