Pauline Fowler – I love you

you know, one great thing about eastenders is that even after years away, you can still sit in front of the tv and follow the plot. So pauline fowler is leaving, oh well.
christmas is over and you know what? i really am not too bothered. Being in europe means that you dont get dragged into all that commercial crap and i dont miss it. so i arrived here on saturday evening, hit the town straight away and again on sunday, met up with jake and later some more friends, had a few more guinesses and then sat infront of the tv for a few hours, something i rarely do anymore.
this morning i got up and headed out to see some friends before having the usual christmas day fill. I miss brussell sprouts! but i havent started farting yet!
the next course is about to start , only a few hours after i finished gouging myself earlier. if i survive this session, i may be back later

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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