been a while

but i finally made it home in one piece.

the road trip was a bit of a monster. the ferry was 2 hours late so i hit downtown valencia at rush hour. you ever tried a city at rush hour on the wrong side of the road?

to make matters worse, i got diverted half way to lisbon to cross the border from spain. I was steaming about that, a 100 mile detour!!

anyway, when i got home finally, i was miffed, the house was a real mess. didnt help that the apartment i had in mallorca was stunning but at least i am heavily motivated to get into the work and start renovations. so i went to bed early on monday night.

woke up on tuesday and hit the surf. suddenly all was peachy again. had two good sessions on tuesday, i was surprised though, after 4 months off i was actually ok!!

surfed again today, took me 20 minutes just to paddle out at barriga and i was so knackered when i got out that i had to rest for ten minutes. caught a beauty of a wave back in but couldnt face another paddle out so i left. this afternoon at mareta, had a very chilled session for a couple of hours, small but easy


sandra is in town this weekend. i have to say she looks stunning. dont you just hate that? she always was very sexy but now even more so. we had a quick chat last night.

bank girl emailled me. told me she couldnt have dinner with a client. i told her i will be back in october/november and i will change my bank so that i can take her out – waiting for a response – of course will keep you posted.

my neighbour, the pissed belgian has stolen some of my land while i was away. i have to go to the police tomorrow to report it, then i will steal it back while he is away and put a great big fence up to keep him out.

so for now, thats about it. when i have some more to add, i will be back, with pictures too.

lastly, big thanks to max for the music. I only listened to the kings of leon, nothing more. good call max, you are a star!

One response to “been a while

  • sadie

    hey cool space!!  keep up the good work and keep smiling! 😀 come and check out mine if you want ciaoeeee x x x x x

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