how hot was it today?

I dont know, but at 6.30 this evening when i was out shopping, it was still 33 degrees!  i thought i was going to die at work, went all light headed and dizzy ( some might say that is normal for me) but i mean it – today was a real killer.
thankfully now it has just started to rain so that might cool things off for a while.  You could hear the pavements sizzle when it started to rain – they were so hot!
talking about hot – let me have a moan.
digging up the roads here is worse than england. ok, so you seen the photos of where the apartment is, and you read about the parking fun i , and all around me have.  so when the dick heads come to dig up the road it can only get worse right ? well, you might think they would cone off one section, dig it, un-cone it and move onto the next bit? That sounds like a plan huh?
not this bunch of dipshits! all week long they have been coning off a new bit each day without giving back any at night. soon the whole neighbourhood will be coned off with nowhere to park. so after driving round till my icecream melted, i decided `bollocks` parked my car in the middle of the road, unloaded all of my shopping and then went off to find somewhere to park.  It worked too, no hassles, no agression and no marathon walks with 20 litres of water and bog roll. 
and i just remembered, i forgot to buy tooth paste too.
but bugger me, last night i had a lucky escape. I was in the shower when the seal on the shower head popped. it does this about once a week when the limescale blocks up the water jets. but this time as it popped, it squirted up to the extractor fan in the ceiling. Thankfully, i didnt have it turned on which was unusual. this morning when i fumbled my way into the bathroom, i hit the light switch and the fan switch by mistake – BANG
so looks like i gotta buy a new fan too !
still counting down of course, a massive 15 days to go. Max suggested the kings of leon for the drive home.  small problem is i only have one of their tracks that she sent for me.
so looking forward to a slightly coole rportugal, with a sea breeze and some beautifully formed waves.
fingers crossed

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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