where does the time go

well, havent been here for a while so finally have something worth while to tell you.
been helping mason at night with his land rover. it is refreshing to know that i am not the only person in the world that has the ability to buy a complete pile of shit without actually realising it – a whole life spent with rose coloured spectacles i guess?
anyway – we need to get if finished soon coz he wants to drive it across to portugal for a holiday.  Bags of charm but still has bags of work to do on it.  I grabbed a few photos while we were there the other night so take a look.
Monday night, i took a run along the passeo, along the sea front. it was 10.30 at night but there were plenty of chicks out on the prowl. I reckon there is a genuine shortage of fellas around here, there are always tons of chicks and they are super hot.  Anyway, running along the seafront/harbour is pretty cool, especially at that  time of night with a little breeze.

general opinion is that the chicks dont go out to excercise, they go out on the pull. wierd really, if they were all munters you could understand it but they are all hot fillies.  I finally got home at 11pm and had a shower. still couldnt sleep so was awake way after midnight.
Tuesday was much the same but didnt run. I was getting my running gear on at 10.30 at night but then decided to knock it on the head and run again this evening instead.
Been doing a little flirting with the girl in the local bar – and she is loving it. I was quick to notice a very slight change in hair colour from monday to tuesday and she was well impressed. Cute too but mason reckons a gold digger. I reckon he is wrong so tomorrow i will ask her to show me around the city at the weekend and make her pay for everything!!!
Tonight is my night off, two days away from the internet and i only had 14 messages on my return……some funny pictures though.
so for now, i am all done, and of course still counting down……16 days to comply, 16 days until my road trip home.  Tonight i will decide on the 20 cd`s that i will take into the front of the car for the journey.  Any favourites, please let me know but for sure up there will be, foo fighters – in your honour, killers – hot fuss corrine baily rae, damien rice – O and of course back to bedlam – james blunt.  thats five already. might even sneak a papa roach in there if i am feeling saucy.
Bank girl was seriously cute today but i just cant bring myself to ask her out again – i know she wants it – and wants it good but she already turned me down twice, chicks just dont get the message .
enough for now, gonna run the passeo and see what i can pick up

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