last of the mohecans

ok so tinight it came off,
the locks are gone – or seriously cut back !! you will see the last photos on the right, pre- cut!
i sat in the chair and gave the dude free range to do as he saw fit. As he started blow drying it i almost stopped him with a cry of `dude, you`re making me look gay`but i had to bite my lip – he is gay! so i had to trust his judgement. I wasnt wrong – it did look gay, or maybe i wasnt used to it being so short. anyway, i stopped at home to wet it down before coming to the internet cafe.
it is a good cut though, just the blow job, i mean blow dry at the end was too much!
so here i am, needing a poo before i run the seafront tonight, have to wait for the sun to drop though otherwise i might just melt.
and just so that you know
24 days remain…………….

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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