what is it with these people?

they come into the internet cafe to socialise!
complete fuckwits
and to make it worse, some twat of a canadian is sat behind me on the phone. i never understand this, if he wants to use his phone, piss off outside and stop disturbing me, more to the point, he is paying for internet time so use it dumb ass. but to really piss me off, he is completely affected – just like the americans, ýeah cool´´whatever´ i love you – all that shit. dont you just wanna shoot the twats – god they really piss me off
bollocks to them all –
anyway, on a lighter note – only 26 days remain before i leave. ok thats not entirely accurate as my boat will leave at ten in the morning and now it is nine at night but i am still counting days not hours.
our current task, 50/50 hits the water this week, maybe we will both sail at the same time – who knows.
i was gripped by my current book this evening thats why i got here  a little late.
I lied about bank girl being a dog, she is infact very cute indeed. she still smiles but hey, she never appologised for turning me down twice so i have to say, with a tear in my eye – she is no longer my favourite spanish honey.
Instead, i have a new one – oh how fickle men can be. anyway Varadero has a cutie working there, a short arse with the most amazing eyes , not an out and out stunner but she has certainly got it going on, so morning and afternoon coffee will now be taken there instead. my life is so simple!
anyway, enough ranting
i got stuff to do. I see my readership is at an all time low this week – so read up and pass on the good message to at least three friends
and if you really need cheering up, read my november archives, just down th epage on the left and laugh again as you read the email i had from sandra late last year.

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