so this week will see me in england again for the first time since crhistmas. OK, it will only be a three day hit but it should be fun as always.
will be good to have a short break from Mallorca for a while and then soon i will be heading back to portugal.
so this week has been good, busy, sweaty, rainy and i even had a night out in magaluf.
 lets start off with the magaluf thing.  There is a place there called pirates. a family entertainment place that has an act half way between panto and acrobatics.  Saturday night was the season premier , a charity event for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Of course, i got a free ticket!!
The place was awash with celebrities, Nigel Benn, Linford Christie, Sian Lloyd, that bird off corrie with the curly hair ( she now does a school thing as a teacher), Alex Best ( but she didnt do a thing !) John Fashanu, phil mitchel from east enders, some twat politician that no-one knew, and some irish footballer that no-one knew, sally gunnel and maybe one or two more that i forget.
Anyway, the show was absolutely amazing! i could sit here for ages and describe it but it is worth going if only to see the guy acting drunk all the way through the act.  so if you are ever in magaluf – go there!
 Now, last night (sunday) i actually had a nightmare! so horrific was this mare that i actually woke up with my pulse pumping in my neck, intense!.
so what was this all about?  well, i had asked an old girlfriend to marry me and of course she agreed, but i was so scared that at the time i was due at the church, i decided to stay in the shower and hide! Some of you may remember her – the girl i used to live with in windsor, debbie holder
she of course found me but was ok with it. wierd thing is, her face was crystal clear, her figure a little more petite but with a definate latina ass.  maybe someone is trying to tell me something?
Anyway, one day nearer to blighty – looking foreward to the visit.

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