The hunt for P G

ok, with easter weekend about to hit i decided that (a) i would treat myself to a box of PG Tips and (b) i better get out early before the shops filled up with the millions of people that feared they would not have enough food in the house to last them for three days.
So, once more i headed in the general direction of the porto pi babe lair!  despite the early hour, there were a few quality pieces around, a distinct lack of milf´s but still, not to complain.
I turned the tea aisle and started scanning for my beloved PG ( they just use the tips you know!!). surely it could not be – no – no way – no PG!!!! at this hour?  maybe i had been outfoxed by 100 other brits who turned up extra early and bought all the stocks but no, i could not find a single box. Plenty of Twinnings Earl Grey but we all know that tastes like shit and only the over eighties actually enjoy drinking it.
So i had to leave without my beloved. The shock and mental trauma also made me forget my brown sugar so i decided that at some point, i would head to Portals to the supermercado cidon, they have pg and brown sugar – admittedly not unrefined organic cane but shit man, in times of drought we all gotta drink dirty water.
i bagged a place in the square and went in the shop.
no bloody pg either!!  i immediately phoned the british consulate and raised my concerns that us tea loving brits might wither in the heat without pg – they of course promised to send a double O agent as soon as he returned from the chechen border.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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