Multi cultural

so i sat in my new apartment on saturday evening (pictures opposite) after working all day. I was absolutely shattered. I left work at 5.30, headed home to unpack, to my old apartment to make the bed and close the windows, then onto porto pi to do some shopping.
porto pi at 9pm was rammed – top totty everywhere but absolutely nothing unusual with that. by the time i got home and started to eat it was just after 10pm.
so as i sat there eating, i started to wonder!!!  here was i, an englishman, in mallorca, driving a french car, drinking chillean red wine, eating dutch cheese on a french stick sharing an apartment with two french people, thinking about my home in portugal, working for a man from south africa (but please dont hold that against him!).
seems the world has changed a lot in my short lifetime.
then i started looking at the antique table i was sitting at, infact the decor in the whole apartment. it is all so very cool, cool in a way that the english struggle to be.  things were old and tatty but never looked out of place, the outside of the apartmetn could certainly use some upkeep but the inside is an absolute peach.
i was thinking back to my days in england, where people spend so much money on appearance of themselves and their properties and wondered if they were really doing it all as they wanted it to be or were they doing it to please the gazes of friends , neighbours and passers by.
on top of that, when you come into europe, they do live life with the more important things in mind – like enjoying life. getting a few parking dents on your car here is the norm – no-one ever has them repaired. a house needing paint is perfectly acceptable to all – this is all time that can be used socialising or with family. wierd how we prioritise life ???
anyway, worked solidly over the weekend, tonight i am heading to one of the big sports shops to look for shorts and some roller blades (and maybe some medical insurance too.)
the sunshine sheilas are out in force now, the temperature when i left palma at 6pm was a meagre 21 degrees!!!
so i better go befor ethe shops close.
will start a new book this evening too.

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