busy weekend

last night i went out into palma with a few friends, one of them is returning to turkey today.
had a beer, a coke some red wine and a tapas and managed not to spend one cent – i am still miffed at just how i managed to do that.
this morning i was up super early to move apartments. already been once to collect the key, drop off my bike, surf boards and CD´s, pay the rent and am now back in portals waiting for the washing machines to finish. one more car load of gear then off to work for the rest of the day – TOMORROW TOO!!!
will get some photos soon of my new pad and as soon as i find a new internet cafe, will upload.
new address and contact numbers will also be posted.
one last thing – i would like to thank the mysterious person who, last week, mistakenly ( i assume) placed 20 euros of credit onto my vodafone account instead of theirs!!  thank you!
please be patient, i will be back here as soon as possible but it may take a few days

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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