the car is the star

ok so the other week while i was driving home along the passeo a wierd thing happened.
some nutter tried to flag me down to talk to me.  at the time of course i was a little curious. i was driving with both of my boards in the car and he had a woman with him, she was driving. i didnt stop of course and when we hit the motorway i nailed the shit out of my car.  that was a couple of weeks ago.
tonight when i left work there was a note on my screen (not another parking ticket like yesterday !!)
Palma Pictures ( a film company) want to rent my car for the day, and will pay me 230€ for the privellage – seems they are shooting an add campaign for a local hotel in palma. told them i am happy to help, will wait and see if they cal me tomorrow like they said.
me and him
i can only guess that this would be my darling sister and her husband – crash! although , if i am wrong i would love to hear more.
ok, and the mathematicians out there, try again, if the lard arse is 33% heavier than me, i cant be 13 stone can i ?  i am not 33% lighter than her – she is 33% heavier than me – there is a differentce, thats percentages for you, now go away and sit in a corner with your dunces cap on until you work it out and stop trying to be a smart arse!!
so anyway
suddenly over the last two days, it has got warm, i sat in the sun for 45 minutes today reading my book (thanks Kati) and i reckon i got a little bit burned!
time to go – keep the comments and abuse coming you muppets !!

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