life on the ocean wave

tra la laa!
ok, been a while since i last wrote, i will be brief but sincere.
been struggling for inspiration for a while and then  – monday morning on the way to work – whammo!!! hit me straight between the eyes!! on a monday morning ??
the scene – driving into palma from my apartment, as you enter the city the sea front is one huge great horse shoe shape. it doesnt actually make it through 180 degrees but gets really close.  Monday morning was spectacular! i entered the city on the west side, i was overlooking the bay, the harbour, the boat yard and in the background some mountains. being slightly on a hill the elevation gave me a perfect shot of the sun rising over the hills – a beautiful sight – only one tune to play – chemical brothers – star guitar.  last time i played this was on my drive into the alentejo – you can read about that in the archives section.  The alentejo drive was far more inspiring (  but for now, i will keep trying with mallorca.
In stark contrast to the previous friday, it rained ALL day, snow on the mountains and freezing cold everywhere else. rained so hard that the drains overflowed in palma and all over the island, rivers of raw sewage in the roads, on the pavements – heavenly.
i managed to work all weekend at mikes house and also late into the evening last night , hence my time away from the pc.
still cycling to work and running in the evenings but did nothing all of last week – i managed another black toe that stopped me from doing anything for 5 days but this morning got up super early to cycle 10 kms to work.
spoke with sandra on msn the other day – i enjoyed that.
not heard sight nor sound of james cole
miss my friends in portugal
miss my house
miss my beaches
miss my cats
oh well

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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