my mom the raver

its funny how you suddenly remember something from years and years ago
today i was working in the container ,listening to mallorcas dance music staion when a groovers tune came on and i found myself weaving my hands in the air – like i was trying to swat a fly.
suddenly, like a swift kick in the nuts – something came to me.
years ago when as a family we frequented the brownsover social club, me and my sister used to laugh at my mom when she was dancing.  her hands in the air, pulling them down hand over hand almost as if she were climbing a rope.
little did we know way back in the day, some 20+ years ago that my mom was infact pioneering the mystifying art of modern day rave dancing – in the heart of the midlands.
the dance was of course slow to catch on – more infact, the youth were waiting for suitable music to modify this new dance routine but today in dancehalls across the globe you can watch the youngsters performing this exact dance and many similar strains and variations of these moves – some will even add lib as they copy their unsung hero of dance – MY MOM.
of course – in the very early stages of arthritis, the leg work could not be performed.  This was copied from my grandma as she wobbled and hobbled across the dance floor trying to keep up with my mom – the modern strain of this dance is called break dancing.  in a fitting tribute to my grandma, modern break dancers will even use props to assist in their act , such as zimmer frames and walking sticks – something that my grandma still uses to this day!!

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