a jolly good spanking!!!!

Ok, i have a little more time this morning, normally i sit here at night and have loads to do and rush my arse off, so let me fill you all in (not literally of course!)
The week has been pretty normal. I havent worked on cinderella very much at all this week. I miss her calmness and tranquility. Instead, two other boats have seen my attention. fifty fifty in for a major refit – seems like complete chaos and i wonder how mike keeps track of it all, and a new boat maya ray.  she is very beautiful with the most elegant lines i have ever seen of a boat – and when you get inside – oh my god!  this is a fully functional babe lair!  any chick would be helpless in its power – probably the sexiest and classiest ship in the yard!  I will try to grab a few photos of her this week to show you all.
We had some high winds this week again but it brought in a good swell. Mike likes to ride the waves too so by three pm yesterday he said we have to pack up work and go surfing!!!  we were a little late leaving, maybe by 3.30 and i was getting stressed!! surf was on and we were running behind time.
As we left Palma and hit the motorway – the beauty of life hit me once more! COME ON – i cried as we drove away from the city.  Mike wondered why?  blue skies, the meditereanean to my left, tree clad mountains to my right and i was heading to the beach for a few hours before sunset – remember- this is what life is all about!!! well for me anyway – others prefer the thrill of working their lives away , well you can keep that – i know which i prefer!
We hit a local break called Peguera, a sandy bay with a break water to the right. The waves were good. Maybe a metre and a half on the sets, maybe a little more, wind was light, so light i couldnt tell you which way it was blowing.  The sea smelled like shit – mike tells me that is because of the seaweed but i reckon that it might be because of the spanish that swim in it
I surfed for what must have been two hours before getting out with white fingers and toes from the cold.  I had finally caought a few decent waves, had some long rides and not got murdered into the bargain.
For the first time since i can remember – i felt good again. I left the beach barefoot with sand on my feet and between my toes. For you i guess that might feel uncomfortable but for me, it is one of the best comforts i can have.  For the first time in ages, i had sand in my bed!  living so close to the beach and having a european lifestyle means getting sand in your bed is a regular occurance.
You leave the beach after a days surf or general beach loafing – you leave barefoot and when you get home at 7 in the evening, you go to bed and sleep until 11 – 11.30 when you get up , shower and head out for the evening. The sand from your feet stays in you bed – a constant reminder of the lifestyle you live – and i like it too.
Today, the wind is blowing a hoolie again but tomorrow the swell is forecast at 3 metres so we will head out again, this time with craig, my landlord.
Last night i managed to loose my car key so i am currently on my spare. I am at a loss – i have no idea where it is but what really pisses me off is that i am going to have to clean the apartment from top to bottom to find it!!!  could use a clean though – havent done it since i got here over a month ago………dirty bachelor!
Reckon i have pulled a muscle in my leg too – on thursday night after cycling to and from work , i decided that i was still too full of beans so went for a run. I managed the run across the beach and to the stairs in good time but a quarter of the way up the stairs i was dead – completely out of breath and strength and with what i thought was a cramp in my leg – i managed to hobble home.
today it hurts – like a pulled muscle , not a cramp – sometimes i can be such a twat! – yes russ, only sometimes !
Had an e mail from the posh totty in portugal, she says ´summer has arrived´. Ok , for you stuck in blighty i guess it hasnt but in portugal and also in mallorca it is already getting warm. even in todays wind, i am out in jeans, t shirt and flip flops……….oh yeah !!!!!!
maybe i will leave you with that thought for a while ?????
be good

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