road trip – mallorca

the planning has started, well at least the music side anyway.
so far, i have packed
joss stone – the soul sessions
foo fighters – one by one
christina aguilera – just because I am beautiful
sex pistols – never mind the bollocks –
damien rice – O
groove armada – goodbye country, hello nightclub
massive attack – blue lines
stereophonics – word gets around (almost ten years old that one )
blink 182
The verve – urban hymns
moby – play………couldnt drive without this one
the police – greatest hits
skunk anansie – stoosh
red hot chili peppers – one hot minute, tearjerker , always reminds me of the fat pat days
lenny Kravitz – Mr. Cab Driver
smashing pumpkins – rotten apples
dido – both of those albums
the distillers – this one is to keep me awake when i get tired
also have a couple of hookie CD,s – one from max with acoustic stuff from the foo’s and one from Zeni from teh old days in the dromedario
haven~t planned my route yet but likely will leave sagres, head to seville, out towards madrid and then down into valencia before hopping on a ferry to mallorca, more on the route soon,

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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