all days should start like this

after a ´free sleep´i woke at around 09.30.  free sleeps are the best – no alarm clock , just your body saying that it is ready for the next day.

I opened the shutters on my bedroom window and was almost knocked off my feet by the burst of sunshine that came belting through.


reached out for my jeans and trainers and headed out to the kitchen to make breakfast and a cup of vanilla tea with honey.

this is where it gets good,


popped in a dido cd and went back out onto the terrace.  i was looking out across the south coast , over the atlantic, next stop morroco, over to my right, more atlantic and of course america – nothing else in between.


the road was peaceful and the countryside green and definately in bloom. gorgeous dido wafting out onto the terrace. the nespre trees are in fruit and the fig tree is also starting to shoot.

my cats wndered out in the garden then came onto the terrace and sat with me while i drank my tea.


january, warm sunshine, good tea and a beautiful view.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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