bugs life

i have them all. bugs that crawl under my door and then get squashed by my flip flop, i have a pet geko, which has just had babies, and of course how could i forget my green preying mantis?
today, no work, a little shopping  and a little surf at tonel this afternoon.  tomorrows forecast looks good.
wind speed, 5kph, swell from the north west, 2.5 metres and a 15 second wave interval.  best time suggested at 7pm, so a sunset surf at arrifana could well be on the cards with the tide on the push.
bought a salamandar for the house today and also a new kitchen cabinet for just 35 euros.
tonight, after i have watched friends, i will fix it to the wall………does my life rock or what ?

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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