todays surf

after finally getting out of bed at 13.30 today, i headed to lagos for a full enlish breakfast and to look for a kitchen cabinet.
some portuguese joker told me he wanted 200 euros for a used kitchen cabinet with doors that didnt match!!!!  just because he saw the english number plates on my car – what an ass hole
after such an insult, there was only one thing to do – surf!
hit beliche, the only place to have a wave.  not my favourite place as the wave pitches vertical real quick ……. to quick for me, i always get nailed there!  today was no exception.
still havent got the longboard back from the menders yet, need to give the 8´6´´, i managed to damage that too – so a straight swap is on the cards.
maybe i will call him tomorrow.
back to work tomorrow, maybe this week i will finally find someone with a JCB to dig out my driveway.
anyway enough for now, friends is on at 8.45, series 1, all good

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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