it rained today

nothing too serious but rain all the same, for much of the day too.  good thing really, russ tells me 97% of the country is now officially in drought.
had a surf this afternoon at barranco, no one else there except a dude who was driving my old carlton – that brought back memories!  road trip and all.
sandra has gone back to lisbon , so this week i have to make good at least one bedroom in time for when the old folk get here – should be interesting, new wires, new paint, new lights, new floor tiles, new bed – just about new everything.
my belgian neighbours are very sweet but a little overwhelming.  whenever i arrive home, they want to talk……and talk…..and talk……and drink wine and beer…….and talk.
had a solar eclipse this week, not full in the algarve but in the north, it was proper.  sandra sent me some pictures, will try to add them next.  also check out the surfing dog, something cool!
will work hard this week, if i have a break in work, might grab a quick surf but will try to focus on my nova casa.
so that will be all for now – do you realise i have almost been here for a year?

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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