too much to do

so my weekend has been consumed with house stuff.
new beds, which i nearly lost off the roof of the car on the motorway back home, some new furniture (flat packs of course) lots of garden work and some plumbing too.
have hot water, a fully functional cooker, washing machine and a fridge to boot!
by wednesday, the man should have been with the JCB to dig out my drive way so that i can park on my garden instead of the road.
roof beams and ceilings all treated for woodworm, trees manicured, canes cut back.
tonight i sleep in a freshly made and constructed bed. 
so yesterday, the old lady came to take the rest of her stuff, two car loads and a pick up truck too.  i couldnt believe how much crap she had kept, even her family were saying most of it was rubbish. i picked up an old wooden cutting board that was full of woodworm, i couldnt believe she had kept it.  then i got to thinking how poor a region this is and how bad it must have been when she was growing up, then i realised why she had kept so much stuff.
in contrast, west coast had three metre swells today.  one of my surf buddies told me it was too heavy to paddle out at some beaches.  I havent surfed all week, been too busy with other stuff.
tonight, i am heading to rita and  peter´s house for a private party.  they are the owners of the bubble.  have a house in the middle of nowhere, no piped water, no electricity just a generator to run the water pump from the well, and some solar panels too.  what a great view they have though – and a great pad!
last night i went to a birthday party in lagos. i didnt know the dude but he was angolan. so an african night was on the cards.  great fun, and boy can those dudes and dudettes groove.
so that has been my week so far.  wednesday is a bank holiday, sandra is coming on tuesday night – havent seen her for over two weeks, boy have i missed her (dont get the wedding cake out just yet mom!!),
no doubt we will have a lot of catching up to do
ok, so i have to leave now, make my way to the party.
i hope you all have as much sun as i do this week but i very much doubt it – te he hee

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