tomorrow is D-Day

finally, after 11 months of renting a place in the algarve, i finally get to move into my own house – bought and paid for, no mortgage to worry about.
tomorrow morning i take christine to the airport, then stop to buy some beds and other crap , theni have three days to get the place habitable.  First on the agenda, water heater on the wall to get hot showers, then, change that hideous shower curtain.
loads to do, three days solid to do it, and two parties if i can make them, one on saturday, one on sunday……….watch this space.
i am looking forward to spending my first night in my new pad.  will be a little creepy i guess , will be as quiet as my apartment now but completely dark as there is only one streetlight in the area.
my very gorgeous girlfriend arrives on tuesday night for the rest of the week, wednesday is a bank holiday so might even make it to the beach.
loads of things to do so might not make it back here for a few days.
today was absolutely roasting hot – i have no idea where that came from, i did hear rumours of 28 degress but i reckon it was more than that

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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