meet the neighbours

today i met my new neighbours – twice.
they are belgian so this will lead to some interesting conversations.
this afternoon, the old man helped me trimming my trees.  twice my age , and extremely drunk, he fired up his petrol chainsaw and started to cut.  fearing an accident, i went to the other side of the garden and started cutting with my saw.
later , his wife brought me some home made jam, made from the figs from my tree, tasty it was too.
the old boy kept offering me beer but i told him not while i am working, settled for tea instead.
tomorrow i have to work with the CFT but i have a day off on friday to buy furniture.
in stark contrast, the west coast had 3 metre swells today and light offshore breeze – had to spend time at the house

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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