this place is so remote, i didnt hear about this concert until the day before !!!
Anyway, the house……..i spoke with a builder who already knew this place, he had looked at it two years ago.  he tells me it needs a new floor too because the water soaks up when it rains, so i am hoping to see it again this weekend with him so that we can explain to the woman that is selling, he reckons it is only worth 40k.  he also reckoned he priced the materials to repair at 30k!
some rethinking to go on here.
yesterday christine arrived.  today we spent the whole day at the beach but christine left early to sleep.  there has been no surf now for a week and a half so getting a little tetchy.
yesterday i hurt my ankle but have no idea how. i struggled to walk last night but it is much better now, still limping but not too much.  good job i cant surf anyway.
officially – i now have a girlfriend – a cute city girl from lisboa, sandra, 28, great jugs, curvy ass and the smallest white bits you ever did see.  the same city girl that pissed me off last weekend , leading to my comments about city girls taking their heads out of their arses.
so, keep watching for news on the house scene soon

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