so scary

house buying in a foreign country.
today , the owner of the house i am looking at calle din at work with the papers for me to see.  the last couple of days have been a little nerve racking to say the least.  Picture this, i am in a forgein country, on the verge of investing nearly 100.000 euros and i am at the complete mercy of strangers (with the exception of russ and sarah)
my thoughts at the moment are ´what if it all goes wrong´ i wonder how i could manage to earn so much money again, especially at the ripe old age of 35.
so last night was completely sleepless.
the house is perfect for what i want, could easily sleep 6, more with a sofa bed.  in the heart of raposeira and with the rear courtyard not overlooked at all.
the walls of the house are solid, the roof isnt.  so long as i dont change the outside walls, i do not need a project.  i can change the roof, but by no more than 40 cms in height.  inside, i can do whatever i want, provided i dont use pillars or do anything that requires iron re-enforcement.  this is good because it means i can build a wooden mezzanine and a wooden roof – just imagine the smell of all of that wood.
so it seems perfect, an opportunty not to miss.
i figured today that i should offer 60.000 in cash and see if she takes it, if she does, then it is all systems go.
pay a deposit and while the papers are sorted (3 months) i can move in and start the work.
when you pay a deposit here in portugal, if the seller then declines the sale, they have to pay double in return, by law!  so, when th edeposit is paid, the deal is almost signed and sealed, normally the owner will let you move in nad start any work.
so on saturday, i veiw again with another builder to get a price for a new roof, the builder is also a customer at work so i am happy i can trust him.
so – by the weekend, i expect to have some purchase news…….fingers crossed.
russ reckons i cant really go wrong, i would always get my oney back if i bought is and sold it again.

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