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Goombay Dance Band

It’s worrying – the things I can think about while I am in the shower washing my tackle.  The older amongst you will remember this little track, 7 Tears – well it just came to me in a flash of inspiration so please take a moment and click the link, turn up the volume, put on your flares and sing along.


After you have finished wiping the tears of laughter away, there is still St Winifreds School Choir to contend with


and to finish with, and to balance the sexual equality stakes, Clive Dunn.



It was a good year, 1969 – many a thing happened of great importance

The Americans put a man on the moon

They also started pulling troops out of Vietnam

Then spread the love with a little festival called ‘Woodstock’

Concorde flew for the first time (before you smart arses try and say it was `71 – that was when it first went into service)

de Gaulle resigned of President of France (aparently for smelling of cheese)

The original and by far the most superior version of the film ‘The Italian Job’ was made

The Harrier jump jet entered service with the RAF

British troops deployed in Northern Ireland

and of course – I was born!


Babies and Horses – should I be surprised?  The two Coopers flooded me with pictures.  so many that I had to get selective and only upload around 20 of them.  You can see them on the right hand side of the page under the heading ‘babies and horses’ strangely enough – if you still have some to send, let me have them soon before I close the invitation off.

Welcome on board to Mr Yates finally – I kind of forced his hand a little bit but he needed a nudge, the old fudge packer



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