East or West – which is best ??

Every now and then, an opportunity comes along that is too good to miss.  Jobs are getting harder to find, especially with my set of requirements.  So what do you do when you are lucky enough to have two boats chasing you – both with outstanding financials and programs that you are unlikely to find again – but you cannot decide which way to turn?

I had a little chin wag today with my old chum Jacqui to help me along the way but I also think I should ask my loyal followers too.  Your guidance or advice is welcome either by message here, text or email.


Boat 1, Outstanding US dollar salary, old technology, new geographical area.

Boat 2, Equally outstanding Euro Salary, latest cutting edge tech, old stomping grounds.

Boat 1, Thailand, Singapore & Indonesia

Boat 2, Caribbean & East Coast of the States

Boat 1, 90 days paid leave per year + a months salary as bonus at the end of each year

Boat 2, 36 days paid leave per year – no bonus

Boat 1, Own Cabin

Boat 2, shared cabin

Boat 1, 7 year old American built Motor Yacht

Boat 2, 2 year old Dutch built Sailing Ketch

Boat 1, Flight allowance of $2750 paid annually in addition to salary

Boat 2, Flight allowance, two return flights annually paid for by the boat

Boat 1, joint owned by 4 individuals, one being a Saffa

Boat 2, solely owned by an American Lady

Private medical and dental provided by both boats


So you see my dilemma?  Admittedly it is a very good dilemma to have but which way would you turn?  Go somewhere new but with older tech that you already know about or go somewhere that you already know about with front line tech that you will have to learn about?  Financially boat 1 is worth $11,000 a year more and longer holidays.

I need your help

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