It’s all in the cards – I swear.

Honestly, I had forgotten just how fecking windy Sagres can be.  Its blowing a hooligan here, to hard to go surf on the west coast and there is no swell down south.  Thankfully myself and Poopie managed to find an apartment with full AC so we are sitting pretty tonight in the warm dry air of a Portalaia apartment.

We have managed a couple of biking events and some walks too but man alive, it is blowing here.  Not sure what we will try tomorrow.

I have noticed a shift in the typical tourist.  It has been three years since I was last here so things have changed a little.  The house is covered in a jungle – nature is trying to take it back.  I have also noticed a shit load of cyclists, bus loads of hikers and even some runners but generally, the average age of the tourist hs increased.

Interesting that.  As the age increases, undoubtedly the disposable income also increases so the plans that started several years ago of building more upmarket hotels seems to be paying off.  It is also very busy here, which is unusual for the end of September.

I also had a meeting with the local council today.  Remember, Sagres is a place where everyone knows everyone so when a cousin of a friend asked about my house, his uncle pulled the files in the local council and noticed why the previous project I submitted was declined.

He asked me in to talk to him where he showed me exactly why the project to build a new house in 2010 was declined.  In essence, I needed two aerial photos from the archives for pre 1951 and pre 1980.  This will then prove the buildings I have were there at certain times in history and with this proof, I can go back to the council and they will issue a certificate of legalisation for the property.  With that certificate, the original project would have been approved.  Sadly now, the project has expired but with a new project, there would be no reason not to approve a build.

What really gave me some hope was when the council architect suggested that I make a project and get it built so that we can attract more tourism to the area and loose the old ‘falling down’ image that the area has.  All in all, a good feeling about making something new.  Who knows what will happen next?

Moving on – I had a tarot session the other night.  Now, while I would not dismiss the black art of Tarot, I am more of a person that wants to see scientific fact before I acknowledge something.  Clearly with Tarot – there is no such evidence.

So, my card reader discussed several interesting cards – make of this what you will.

I am at a crossroads with my career and looking at several options right now.  The Tarot reader is a personal friend of mine so knows a bit about me.  The spooky thing was, the card that told her this was a picture of a man looking out to sea at 4 ships.  Spooky huh?

Not spooky enough?  well try this.

The money card showed its face several times.  This got me thinking.  I have had a couple of emails from Camelot this last week about winning lottery tickets.  See, while I am out of the UK I can’t access my lottery account so maybe I have hit the jackpot and wont find out for another week?

OK, maybe I am not the latest millionaire.  I share a post office box here in Sagres with some friends.  They keep my mail safe until I manage to get back here.  In amongst the 30 something unopened water bills was a new cash point card for my local bank here, and I could still remember the PIN number – Spooky huh?


Back in January 2015 I applied (again) for some Amex cards in $ & €.  My super helpful wealth manager told me that there was a problem and I couldn’t have them.  At the time – I was more than fucked off with her – turns out she was something of a knob, so I left it alone and decided not to pursue it.

Low and behold – amid all of those unopened bills were four letters from Amex.  Two letters giving PIN numbers for each card and two more with statements.  I called Amex and they confirmed the accounts are still open and if I wish, I can have new cards.

Holy crap !!!!!  and I haven’t even checked my lottery account yet.

The cards also suggested that the best of the new jobs was a job in Qatar for 5 weeks – strangely enough, it was my favourite too.

So it looks like I will be in Doha soon.

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